Cards!!!!! Game 5 W...

Cards!!!!! Game 5 Winner  


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The Cardinals are the Vampires of MLB. They allow all-star players to walk away, they allow all-star pitchers to walk away. St. Louis doesn't splash big cash in free agency. Every year they hover around the wildcard and division crown. They grind, play smart, use above average fielding, use every inch of talent with hustle and grit. They don't swing wildy but work every pitch count and they are clutch in the late innings keeping composed to deliver one run wins or game tying hits. They are always well managed. It is the Cardinals Way. On the other side are the young and talented Braves that have used their excellent farm system to put together a team that is built with a nice mix of superstar youth, successful veterans and solid role players. Each team has excellent pitching coaches that get the best out of talented but not raw greatest out of the box arms. Game 5s are a coin flip. The home field has been good for the Braves all year but the Cardinals have shown the ability to go on the road and overcome better teams. Runs have been at a premium in this series and late game rallies have been the norm not the exception. Braves get a nod for being at home this is a clear advantage. Both bullpens have been less then stellar in this series. The Cards bullpen looks to have an edge just by the eye test of the Braves relievers looking nervous and beating themselves by getting behind in counts. The Redbirds Pen has not been great but they have been mostly beaten by very good clutch hitting by the Braves instead of self imploding and jittery nerves of the Braves closers. The one advantage I can see is the Cards lineup from top to bottom has gone yard on Foltynewicz. Almost every hitter besides Goldsmith has taken him out of the park. If We look at Flaherty he has been able to limit the long ball with only a injure limited Freeman and light hitting Duvall taking him long. On the plus side for the Braves starter has fanned the Cards line up at a much higher rate than the Braves have whiffed vs Flaherty. Making contact can result in something, swinging and missing results in nothing. History is on the side of the Redbirds they have made a living winning these must win games for decades without the same talent level of their opponents. The Braves have continued to come up short on this situation even with a raw talent advantage. This is a coin flip. I was able to get the Astros at +3.5 runs from -118 to +100 in live betting. Live betting for baseball is an advantage when one team jumps out in the during the first two innings and the public panics to bet out of their bet with seven or six innings left. You can also see which starter has his stuff even if he is down a couple runs. Finally you can see the pitch count of each pitcher. If the team you were going to bet is down two in the second and you like your starter the odds you will get will be three to four fold better than before the game. I am placing $300 on the Cardinals at +100 which is the best I can find on my books. I am hoping for an early Braves lead of 3 or less and I will double my Cards bet and take +2.5 at even money and take the Cards at probably +330. GL

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